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The documentary American Teen is the most realistic movie you will see all summer. Nonetheless, I’m convinced it was made by a sci-fi character. To go so deeply under the skin of a handful of high-schoolers in Warsaw, Ind. Burstein followed five main characters through their senior year in

One of Colin’s teammates, Mitch Reinholt, is also supposed to be a One girlfriend, Erica, e-mails Jeff a topless photo of herself (seldom a good idea), Hannah Bailey, Colin Clemens, Megan Krizmanich, Mitch Reinholt, and.

Beginning with its title, American Teen perpetuates the bogus notion that the Midwest — the heartland of the homeland — is the locus of real America, as if Oregon, New Jersey, and Hawaii are somehow less authentic than Indiana. What might a viewer in Sweden, Kenya, or Thailand make of this portrait of adolescence in the United States, based on only half a dozen specimens during their senior year at Warsaw Community High School, an institution in northern Indiana whose student body is almost entirely white and Protestant?

Trapped for 95 minutes within the city limits of Warsaw, population barely 15,, and within the blotchy skin of anxious young residents, one can sympathize with Hannah. Director Nanette Burstein On the Ropes, The Kid Stays in the Picture narrows her focus to the coming-of-age antics and rituals of a few Indiana teens, chosen apparently to represent contrasting types. Colin Clemens is a jock whose principal concern is impressing college scouts enough to earn a basketball scholarship.

Megan Krizmanich is wealthy, pretty, and cruel, a mean-spirited social monarch who might have dominated the clique of bullies in Heathers. Afflicted not only with acne and braces but also acute nerdiness, Jake Tusing spends most of his senior year in search of a girlfriend. Even when Mitch Reinholt, a popular athlete, surprises friends by taking up with the nonconformist Hannah, it seems like a shuffling of categories more than a Hoosier romance of Montague and Capulet.

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If not, we can remember when we dressed in that confused identity, when the fears, pressures, and hopes of being a high schooler bled into our Christian experience. Mitch Reinholt was also such a teen, but unlike most of us, on July 25 Reinholt’s senior year will be released on screens close to 80 feet long and 40 feet tall, all over the country.

So its kind of like nobody really has the perfect life despite what people say or think. He plays basketball with “the jock,” dates “the rebel,” and is good friends with “the popular girl. Though they are now close friends, he said he regrets what happened. At the same time it’s real, it’s what happened.

Director: Nanette Burstein Cast: Hannah Bailey, Colin Clemens, Megan Krizmanich, Mitch Reinholt, Jake Tusing; Running Time: minutes.

This documentary follows the final year of high school for five very different students — some know each other, some don’t — as they deal with life, love and college admissions in their small Mid-western town. I don’t know what I was expecting really, a cross between The Hills and The Real World I guess, but what I got was a heart-felt, riveting portrait of kids just trying to figure out who they are during a pivotal year in their lives.

Each of the five were given a label — the Rebel, the Geek, the Princess, the Jock and the Heart-throb — in an attempt to make you ask yourself — who was I in high school? And how have I moved past that label? Since it was the opening night in New York City, some of the cast was at the theatre at the end of the movie. Let me tell you, I was a little bit shell-shocked when I came out of the theatre discussing with my friend how cute I thought Mitch was only to see him standing next to me.

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an artsy “basket case,” Hannah Bailey (who undergoes a total meltdown Meet affable jock Mitch Reinholt, who commits the ultimate the new girl in town out on a date—with a camera crew standing right behind him—what’s she going to say? Mitch and Hannah briefly get together, despite belonging to.

The real ‘American Teen’ — A new documentary follows the lives of five Indiana high school seniors. Maybe Mitch was the boy you secretly loved. Megan would definitely be the queen bee: a popular, perfectly coiffed blonde, with pouty lips, a sweet button nose, and, at times, a withering glare. The streets are lined with drive-thru restaurants and quaint churches.

The Dairy Queen has just been remodeled, which qualifies as an event. Mitch and Megan are driving around, enjoying their last few days of anonymity. Mitch pulls up to a stoplight and sighs. The movie is an antidote to stagy, highly stylized reality shows like The Hills and Laguna Beach. It follows five Warsaw Community High School students from the first day of senior-year classes to the turning of their tassels, capturing a formative year through the eyes of classic archetypes: the Jock, the Rebel, the Geek, the Princess, and the Heartthrob.

And I thought a documentary would be even more complicated. But what American Teen lacks in voyeuristic high jinks, it makes up for in authenticity.

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The problem is that too much of the film feels shoehorned to fit the marketing plan rather than to properly service the footage and stories that have been captured. Ally Sheedy was a basket case, not a rebel! Some have criticized the film for feeling manufactured, but Burstein and the teens featured have all sworn to its authenticity. Part of this is simply the result of the Observer Effect, in that the teens say and do things they may have not done were they not being filmed, and part of it is that these teens have grown up in the era of reality TV, and thus have changed their actions accordingly.

American Teen is a documentary film directed by Nanette Burstein and produced by 57th Hannah Bailey – the “rebel”. Mitch Reinholt – the “​heartthrob”. Mitch is Mitch features prominently into the story when he starts dating Hannah.

Warsaw, Indiana is a “typical midwestern town. All she has to do is survive her last year of high school. She’s off to a decent start in the first scenes of Nanette Burstein’s American Teen. Charismatic, bright, and entertainingly acerbic concerning her classmates, Hannah notes the “total caste system” that structures their existence indeed, this does sound like a typical high school.

Unfortunately, the documentary’s assorted types — from “queen bee” Megan Krizmanich to “jock” Colin Clemens to “band nerd” Jake Tusing — replicates that system. It’s not enough that the students absorb such limits and roles; the film also uses them in order to grant viewers easy identifications and conventional storylines. There’s subversive potential here, in the sense that these labels, so painful for teens and too often extended into college and adulthood, might be revealed as the tedious and unimaginative shorthands they are, designed to benefit those at the top of the food chain.

But for the most part, American Teen assumes the self-fulfilling truth of the descriptors, and so they function in much the same way that The Real World ‘s casting decisions work, occasioning a banal mix of drama, anger, romance, and comedy. By now, any teenager who agrees to appear in a documentary about being a teenager has likely seen MTV’s year-old series or any of its redundant clones , which ensures a generic and often painfully circular logic: kids learn hot to behave before cameras by watching other kids behaving before cameras.

In Burstein’s movie, the participants’ expectations are apparent from jump. Not only does Hannah function as narrator as well as point of sympathy and emotional identification, she also grants a perspective from which to view some of the less engaging figures, say, Megan.

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By Harry Kloman. America’s first great documentary filmmaker was something of a fraud. He just didn’t do it while it was happening.

Picture of Mitch Reinholt and Hannah Bailey attend the Los Angeles Film Festivals American Teen at Ford Amphitheatre on June 25 Date: Jun 25

High school, the years that some of us want to re-live and others want to forget. But what if you could look back at a documented account of your senior year of high school? American Teen came out ten years ago and gives us an intimate look at teenagers navigating the ups and downs of high school as this chapter of life comes to a close. Why is that? Fictional films set in high school are no new thing.

As a documentary American Teen stripped away the fictional veneer and sparked some truth.

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Director Nanette Burstein originally reviewed more than different schools in the pre-production process, and ten schools replied, agreeing to participate. After she interviewed incoming seniors at all 10, she chose Warsaw. This documentary circles on the lives of 5 typical senior high students in a small town in Indiana–a heartthrob, an artist, a jock, a geek, and a popular girl.

Hannah Bailey is smart and beautiful, but a misfit in her high school. Mitch Reinholt is an attractive and charming Varsity basketball player with a soft side. avoiding his popular friends for dates with artsy Hannah Bailey.

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American Teen

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Picture of Hannah Bailey Jake Tusing Colin Clemens Mitch Reinholt and Megan Krizmanich who appear in the documentary attend a Q A Date: Jun 27

All five of the teens will be there to talk about the movie and answer questions. For more information about the film, visit www. The film is rated PG for some strong language, sexual material, some drinking and brief smoking-all involving teens. It’s the touching and hilarious Sundance hit that follows the lives of five teenagers – a jock, a popular girl, a heartthrob, an artsy girl and a geek – in one small town in Indiana through their senior year of high school.

We see the insecurities, the cliques, the jealousies, the first loves and heartbreaks, and the struggle to make profound decisions about the future. The result is a film that goes beyond the enduring stereotypes of high school to reveal complex young people trying to find their way into adulthood.

American Teen – Exclusive: Hannah Bailey and Megan Krizmanich

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